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About TopOfGuitar.com

First of all, thank you for visiting www.TopOfGuitar.com

I’ve been a guitar player for more than 20 years and also happen to have some programming chops, so I decided to start this website. The idea behind www.TopOfGuitar.com is to have a site where guitar lovers can discover guitar content, submit and vote for guitar stories.

The concept is simple and goes like this:
  • You find some great guitar content on the web and would like to share it with others.
  • Then you go to www.TopOfGuitar.com and submit your story.
  • The bookmark is categorized according to topics of interest to guitar players.
  • Visitors see your bookmark and vote for the ones they like. They can also filter by specific categories.
  • This means the most popular sites are displayed on top, so visitors see sites that are of interest to other guitar aficionados.
  • You can also start discussions on each story.
In addition, TopOfGuitar.com finds the latest guitar updates on the web.
  • Concerts. With the help of BandsInTown.com, we find guitar concerts in your area.
  • Guitar Gifts. Using amazon.com Web Services, we find great gift ideas for guitar players.
  • Guitar Tweets. We also search Twitter to see what guitar topics people are talking about in the internet.
  • Guitar Releases. Also, using amazon.com, we find the latest guitar releases (albums, DVDs, books). You can also buy them right away.

Right now, this site is in Beta version, which means it's just been released and is undergoing constant improvements. Please click here if you want to Report a Bug or if you want to Contact Us.

In other words, this is just the beginning. I'm always working on new features.

Enjoy your visit!

~Ernesto Marquez
Guitar player, founder and admin of TopOfGuitar.com


How can you login to TopOfGuitar.com? All you need is either a Facebook or Google account. No new user/passwords. It's that simple! TopOfGuitar.com uses Facebook Connect and runs on Google App Engine. Read on for more details...

How do you create a TopOfGuitar.com user?
Simple. First you need to login to either Facebook or Google (by clicking on the "Login" link). Then you will be redirected to a one-time, one-step page where you enter basic information. And that's it!

Click here to create your TopOfGuitar user!

How to edit your TopOfGuitar user?
Once you create a user, you can modify your settings, including how to login (using Facebook, Google, or both). You can also add more information to your user profile, including an extended description of yourself, add links to websites, embed videos and your own html, etc.

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Connect allows external sites (like TopOfGuitar.com) to integrage with Facebook. Basically, if you have a Facebook account you can login to TopOfGuitar and use some features the same way you would do it inside Facebook.

You can share content (links, videos, pictures, etc), add comments, etc. Your user information is stored in Facebook, which tells TopOfGuitar if you're logged in or not.

In a nutshell, it's like taking Facebook to the outside world! For more info, follow this link...

Why Google?

Powered by Google App Engine

TopOfGuitar.com is developed using Google App Engine. This is a very cool technology that allows people to host websites in Google servers, using a bunch of functions and services made available by Google.

One of those services is User Authentication. Which means, users only need a Google account to login. Your user/password are stored in Google servers and I don't have access to them. If you've heard about Cloud Computing, this is it. For more on Google App Engine, click here.

Just to recap, if you have a Google or Facebook user that’s all you need to login to this site! There are millions of people already using these services, so if you haven’t benefited from their great stuff it’s about time you do anyways :-)

Supported Browsers

www.TopOfGuitar.com is best viewed with modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox.

This site will still work with Internet Explorer, but due to its non-compliance with web standards, it's likely to see minor glitches when using IE.

Also, this site is optimized for mobile browsers such as the ones available on the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and all other smartphones. Actually, this is a screenshot of what TopOfGuitar looks like in my iPhone:

Sections of this site

The idea behind www.TopOfGuitar.com is to have a simple and quick way to view and submit great guitar content, and to manage that content in the cleanest way possible. These are the main sections:

Guitar Concerts

In this section you can find guitar concerts in your city! The usage is very simple, all you have to do is adjust the map to your location and TopOfGuitar will return a list of guitar concerts in that region.

The map on the left-hand side displays a list of markers with the concerts found. Then a list is displayed with the artist and concert dates. If you want to buy tickets, just click on the event name and this will take you to BandsInTown.com.

One cool feature is the ability to see videos of guitar players. This is specially useful when discovering guitarists. I've discovered concerts of relatively unknown guitar players thanks to this feature!

Popular Sites

Here you can see the sites submitted by you or other users. You have two links to rate them, Positive:Positive Vote or Negative:Negative Vote. Users can only vote once either way for a given bookmark.

From this page, you can filter the bookmarks by the following categories: Acoustic, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Guitar, Legends, Hidden, Gems, Shred, Guitar News, Video, Instructional, Tabs, Albums, Gear, Others

Also, each bookmark has a rating based on the votes it has received. This ranges from 1 to 5 stars: 5 stars

Finally, you have a link to write comments and start a discussion with other users about that bookmark.

Write a comment

Here you can write comments about a particular bookmark, or see other people's comments on it.

You can also mark that bookmark as Not Guitar Related. This is a very important feature that empowers users to discard content that is not guitar related. As you can see, content is submitted, rated and filtered by you, the users! This keeps things fresh and relevant for everyone to enjoy!

Submit Comments

Add a Bookmark

Step 1

Submitting a bookmark is a simple, 2 steps process.

First you have to enter the address of the bookmark...

Add a bookmark Step One
Step 2

Then we fetch some stuff from that address, including some images you can use as a thumbnail.

You can modify the title and description of the bookmark too.

Finally, you'll have to select one or more categories. And that's it!

Add a bookmark Step Two

My Profile

My Bookmarks

Here you can see the bookmarks submitted by you.

If you want to edit the bookmark, there is a link to do so. Please note for now you can only edit the Title, Description and Categories

My Summary

Here you can see a summary of your activity.

This section will be expanded as new functionality is added to www.TopOfGuitar.com.


Please let me know your comments, suggestions, or anything you feel like!

I'm looking forward to hearing from the users of this site, therefore your feedback is very important.


Report a Bug

Since this is a Beta version, it's fair to expect some little glitches here and there.

I appreciate your patience and your valuable feedback in reporting any bugs...

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