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More than one Guitar Widget from TopOfGuitar.com

Guitar widget, gadgets, apps, goodies... however you want to call them, it doesn't matter. TopOfGuitar is designed to go beyond the borders of this site. So, in other words, you can take TopOfGuitar to your favorite sites on the Internet!

What does this mean? What is a Guitar Widget, Google Gadget or a facebook app? Well, social networking sites give programmers tools to develop software that runs in their platforms(Google, Facebook, MySpace, etc).

For TopOfGuitar.com, I have developed extensions that can be accessed from the following sites:

So let's get started....

Google Gadgets can be added to your iGoogle home page. It's a way to personalize your Google Desktop, by adding small frames containing information of interest to you. All you need to do is login to Google and click on the iGoogle link.

If you want to add this guitar widget to your Google home page, just click on the button below:

Add to Google

And this is the Gadget in action! As you can see, it shows the top 5 bookmarks. You can see more by clicking on "Next" or "Prev" or you can filter by categories by using the drop-down list.

But you can embed this gadget in any webpage! Interested? Click here.

Most people these days use Facebook as a tool to stay connected with friends. Also, many are familiar with the Facebook Apps. They're basically software that runs on the Facebook platform, which can be accessed by its users.

Well, TopOfGuitar.com has one Facebook guitar App! The idea is to have a view of TopOfGuitar in Facebook, listing the most popular guitar bookmarks. Users can navigate through different pages and post bookmarks to their profiles, by clicking on the "Share" button.

Click here to see this guitar widget in action!

Another big player in the social media, MySpace, also offers the option to develop apps that run in their platform. Well, TopOfGuitar.com also has a presence in MySpace!

If you have a MySpace profile and want to add the TopOfGuitar.com, click here.

Bebo is a very popular social networking site in the U.K. It also offers the option to run apps on their platform, so there's also TopOfGuitar presence in Bebo!

Click here to check out the Bebo guitar widget!

In case you haven't heard about Orkut, it's social networking site run by Google. It is extremely popular in India and Brazil and it also supports widgets, so TopOfGuitar has one too!

Click here to check it out! (you need to be logged in to Google first)